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Explore the beautiful Dutch cities with Taxi Eindhoven

If you use Eindhoven taxi services, there are still many activities to do in the city despite Corona. Eindhoven is known as the city of innovation, technology and design. At Strijp-s, both its industrial past and promising future come together. There are many Hotspots, design and architecture near the city centre. And fortunately, there is an opportunity to walk through the streets of Eindhoven via recorded routes while getting to know the city. The audio tour guides you around on the Strijp-S route or the city centre route.

Downtown route duration 60-90 minutes

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During this tour of the beautiful city of Eindhoven, audio clips introduce a local citizen to the route. You pass several unique places such as The Light Tower, The Design Academy and Philips museum. You also walk past the central station, where the Taxi Eindhoven state. As you walk past these places, you can find your location at any time by clicking on the map on the website. That way, you won't get lost.

Strijp-S route running time 50-80 min

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A former fabric of Philips that the public could not enter in the past is now home to Eindhoven's urban culture scene. This audio route takes you through the must-visit areas of the "forbidden city". You will walk past various locations such as Philips Stadium, Philips village and the Klokgebouw. You will again be introduced to the city by a local citizen. As a final tip: don't forget to bring your headsets!

Moreover, when booking an Eindhoven taxi, you can also join online events. You have weekly events such as concerts. The Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven streams the best concerts three times a week. The artists will perform live on stage, so you can watch them at home. On Mondays, they stream the best singer-songwriters. And on Thursdays, they have a lunchtime concert with great classics. In addition, on Saturday they have the Blue Note Club Session, where they play jazz music. What's more, this year's International Percussion Festival & Competition will also be streamed online.

If that is not enough entertainment, you can also participate in an online exhibition. The Evolutionaries exhibition offers an exciting overview of the different ways in which our concepts that nature, culture and identity and all things living are fluid and in flux. The exhibition zooms in on aesthetic and often ethical aspects made possible by discoveries in the sciences of life and the applications of biotechnology: from the possibility of same-sex biological parents and the colonial origins of zombie stories in relation to virology to what can be learned from watching a plant play tag with a machine.

When using the online taxi booking service to Eindhoven, this can be a very interesting fair that can be viewed from home.

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