How we work

Our dream is to get passengers from A to B as easily, quickly and cheaply as possible. We can achieve this by using professional drivers.

Hotel dashboard

One of the important goals of Taxionspot make booking a taxi more efficient. That is why we offer hotels the opportunity to book a taxi online for their guests. We provide hotels with a single dashboard for the front desk employee to manage and book all transportation needs of their guests, on demand or pre-booked. A hotel guest wishes to go to the shopping center. The front desk employee simply clicks “book a ride” and adds any additional requirements the guest may have, and he is all set.
As soon as the frontdesk employee has booked a ride, the hotel guest receives a confirmation sms with all the ride details. The sms also contains a track and trace link with which the hotel guest can follow the taxi. In addition, the frontdesk employee can also track the taxi and view ride data via the dashboard.

The Taxionspot hotel dashboard helps hotels manage and facilitate transportation services for their guests by providing an enhanced experience.

A Tablet at the front desk

To make it even more efficient, there is also an option for guests to book their own taxi online. A tablet can be placed at the front desk with which guests can book a taxi themselves. Your guests only need to enter their phone number and the time when they need a taxi. When booked, your guests will of course receive a confirmation sms. Due to integrated systems, the ride data will also be immediately visible on the dashboard of the frontdesk employee.

Collaboration benefits
Advantages of cooperation
More sales

For each ride that is driven, you will receive a certain percentage of commission. The percentage of commission is fixed in advance in accordance with the hotel.


All trips booked via the hotel dashboard or the tablet at the frontdesk employee can be downloaded in an Excel file. This saves you much less administrative work.

Targeted advertising in the taxi

We offer you the possibility to show targeted advertising to your guests by means of 2 tablets installed in our taxis.

The tablets are connected to the hotel dashboard and our website. This means that you can decide what you want to show your guests in the taxi and when. For example, if a guest books a taxi to your hotel via our website, you can make it possible for your guest to check in the taxi via the tablet.
You can also, when your guest checks out, ask to leave a review by means of the tablet in the taxi.

Global advertising in the taxi

In addition to targeted advertising, you can also choose to show advertising to our passengers throughout the day. For example, you can give our passengers the opportunity to book a room in the taxi, offer a discount for a visit or show a fire video.

Professional taxi drivers

We also offer you the guarantee that all taxi drivers are customer-friendly, service-oriented and professionally prepared. The drivers all have a TX quality mark. Also, all our taxis are not older than 5 years.

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