Order a taxi through Taxionspot guarantees the following things:

  • A professional driver who is always ready for you
  • An excellent 24/7 service, reachable any time of the day
  • A very low rate, with sometimes discounts of up to 50%

It is possible to use us for regular transport, but it is also possible to order a taxi for all your trips to and from the airport. Thanks to the taxis of Taxionspot you will always be at the gate on time. In addition, our experienced and specialized drivers always help you with loading the luggage.

Quality, convenience, excellent service at a low price. That's exactly where we come from Taxi Eindhoven stand in front. Make an appointment today or book a taxi, before you know it you will be back at your destination!


The cost of a trip by taxi depends on: the starting tariff, distance and duration of the trip. There is a maximum rate for all these parts. This rate prevents you as a customer from having to pay too much. This maximum rate is determined by the government. A taxi company may not drive higher than the maximum fare. When booking your taxi through the site, it is automatically announced what the cost of the taxi ride will be. You enter your exact address with which our site calculates a precise price for you. Of course, this price depends on your exact location. The longer the distance the more discount you get, discounts can go up to 50%. If it is a short distance you never pay more than the maximum fare. Want to know more about taxi rates? Then take a look at Our this page!

Our fixed prices from Eindhoven

From Eindhoven we have fixed prices for popular destinations that are maintained. In the table below you will find the prices to the popular destinations. These prices are an indication of max. 4 people. Actual price depends on the exact address with a maximum difference of +/- € 5.

Best€ 31
Brussels Airport€ 155
Den Bosch€ 70
Dusseldorf Airport€ 140
Eindhoven Airport€ 30
Geldrop€ 32
Heeze€ 38
Helmond€ 39
Mierlo€ 41
Nuenen€ 27
Schiphol-Amsterdam€ 155
Son and Breugel€ 29
Tilburg€ 70
Valkenswaard€ 36
Veldhoven€ 29
Waalre€ 30

Payment options

At Taxionspot you pay how you like. You can pay online easily and securely in advance with an additional 3% discount. Online you can pay by credit card, iDeal, PayPal and Apple Pay. If you choose to pay online during the ordering process, you will receive an extra 3% discount on your ride. You can of course also pay afterwards in the taxi in cash or with the help of pin.

How can I book a taxi from/
to Eindhoven?

With us you can easily book a taxi from Eindhoven to Eindhoven.

  • Step 1: click Calculate your ride price
  • Step 2: Enter the address from where you want to travel to Eindhoven in Eindhoven.
  • Step 3: Choose the vehicle that suits you best?

Travel with max. 4 people and little luggage then you can choose a standard car! If you are traveling to Eindhoven with 8 people, choose a minivan!

  • Step 4: Fill in your personal details and pay securely online.
  • Step 5: Enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable ride.

Business transport

For all your business transport you can of course also go to Taxionspot. A private driver allows you to focus on things other than the road in the car. Do you need relaxation during your trip? Taxionspot is happy to take traffic responsibility off your hands. You can focus on business tasks or relaxation during your trip thanks to our private drivers.

  • Always a certified private driver
  • Representative private drivers
  • Attractive rates
  • Lots of comfort

Our drivers

We have well-trained and qualified drivers for companies and individuals. All our drivers are certified and trained in handling unexpected situations. All our drivers have a basic first aid certificate.

General information Eindhoven

Eindhoven is ranked 5th in the Netherlands when you look at the number of inhabitants per municipality. Eindhoven has 231,642 inhabitants while in 1940 it was less than 115,000 inhabitants. The size growth came because of Philips. The headquarters and factory of Philips were located in Eindhoven, because of this many workers immigrated to Eindhoven. Many people think that Eindhoven is called lichtstad because of Philips and its lamps. But Eindhoven is called the city of light because of a match factory that opened in 1844. That factory grew very quickly and employed more than 900 workers in 10 years.


Strijps S

The most hip and creative part of Eindhoven is located on the former Philips site just outside the center. Where before 2004 you only entered with a pass intended for this purpose, the former ‘Forbidden City’ is now accessible to everyone

2. Prehistoric Village

Travel 15,000 years back in time. Experience six eras from prehistory to the late Middle Ages in prehistoric village. More information? Visit their website at

3. Van Abbemuseum

In this museum of contemporary art you can see various works by Picasso, Chagall, McCarthy and Lissitzky. Due to the international diversity and exchange of knowledge, you will find a lot of inspiration and incentives to think about different topics. Check out their website for what else they have to offer

4. Philips Museum

Philips the company that made Eindhoven great. Take a look at their museum and see how they used to make light bulbs.

5. 4. City Walk Park

In the south of Eindhoven is the District Stratum. Here is this beautiful park where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful visual art that can be found throughout the park.

Weather in Eindhoven

The climate is warm and temperate in Eindhoven. Eindhoven has no dry season during the year. This applies even to the driest month. This location is classified as Cfb by Köppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature is 9.4 °C in Eindhoven. The average number of mm of rain per year is 776 mm.

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