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In our journey to explore the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of manufacturing, our team at Group A417 has shifted our focus from nanotechnology to the transformative world of additive manufacturing.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, is revolutionizing the way products are designed, prototyped, and produced. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods that subtract material to create a product, additive manufacturing builds products layer by layer, adding material only where needed. This approach offers unparalleled design freedom, waste reduction, and the ability to produce complex geometries that were previously impossible or too expensive to manufacture.

Why Additive Manufacturing?

Our initial interest was in nanotechnology. However, due to challenges in sourcing detailed information and connecting with industry experts, we pivoted to additive manufacturing. This decision was further solidified by the opportunity to engage with Sauber, a renowned name in the field, and gain firsthand insights into their additive manufacturing processes and applications.

Where Do We Gather Information?

The vast digital landscape offers a plethora of information, from scholarly articles to industry reports. Yet, it’s essential to ensure the credibility of these sources. Traditional resources like books, vetted by professionals, remain invaluable. Additionally, our direct engagement with Sauber provides us with an insider’s perspective, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application.

Our Timeline: A Glimpse into Our Week

  • Tuesday: Information gathering, finalizing the 5W2H, and confirming our subject. Blogging.
  • Wednesday: Delving into the impacts of technological advancements on Sauber’s operations and future prospects. Blogging.
  • Thursday: Preparing for the pitch, checking Q&A, and blogging. – Mail contact with Additive Industries. – Sauber F1 interview
  • Friday: Pitch presentation at 10:30.

Pitching Our Findings

We’re taking a fresh approach to presenting our findings. Instead of a conventional PowerPoint, we’re crafting an interactive video and quiz to captivate our audience and make our presentation memorable.

Nuestro viaje en un blog

Choosing an apt platform is paramount. We’ve opted to host our blog on a team member’s website. Our content aims to cater to both industry professionals and newcomers, ensuring clarity and engagement. Through regular brainstorming sessions, we’ll pinpoint key topics, and consistent posts will keep our audience intrigued and informed.

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